Success with Aromatherapy

I focus my articles on educating you about aromatherapy, the use of natural chemicals extracted from plants. I thought the more you knew about aromatherapy, the more that you would want to use this safe, effective, natural solution to treat your everyday ailments and health concerns. So what are you waiting for? I realized that you might be thinking, “of course this woman is interested in us using aromatherapy, she is a certified aromatherapist who has a business and just wants to sell her products.” So this article is not going to be written by me, but rather by the hundreds of people in the middle Tennessee area that have had success with aromatherapy.

Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, and Medical Scientists
During the past year, I have had the pleasure of getting to know hundreds of professionals within the medical community. Like you, many were very skeptical when they first approached me about essential oil solutions for physical, mental, and emotional ailments. But they forced themselves to look at aromatherapy because (a) they were not getting the desired results from conventional medicines, (b) they were taking significant synthetic drugs that were giving them undesirable side effects, and (c) they were looking for a solution that worked in harmony with their body’s natural ability to heal itself.

So they came to me with the attitude, “I’ve got nothing to lose,” or “Everything else has failed, I might as well try this stuff.” Once they tried one blend and saw the tremendous results they got, they came back for more. Sinus, allergies, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, back pain, migraines, and many other common ailments were so effectively treated by aromatherapy that these individuals could reduce or even discontinue their prescribed medications, prevent surgery, and live a pain-free life.

Men, Women, and Children
My current client base of thousands of people throughout the world has grown because I have be able to provide recommendations for individuals who have tried several other options but find the best results with aromatherapy. In a culture that gives such value to appearance, I am thrilled that many women have been able to improve their looks without surgery. The aromatherapy breast toner and enhancer, stretch marks, cellulite, and facial moisturizers have provided an outcome that was easy to use, safe, effective, and gave the results that woman have been looking for.

Men have dealt with obvious concerns such as hair loss and rosacea and also the more intimate apprehensions such as jock itch, hemorrhoids, and fungus. While men have typically been my most skeptical consumers, I have to admit that once they have experienced success with aromatherapy, they return in search of aromatherapy solutions for other common ailments.

And maybe it is because I am the mother that I find the great joy in treating children. Children today live in an aggressive, fast-paced, stressful world. They travel frequently, spend hours at school and daycare facilities, enjoy sports and the arts, and may suffer from inadequate diets and sleep patterns due to their busy schedules. However, while we are spending so much time and money on offering them a variety of social, educational, and recreational activities, they are more suspect to colds, stomach aches, stress-related behaviors of insomnia, fear, and anxiety. The aromatherapy child sleeplessness, cuts and scrapes, child sinus, sunburn soother, and insect repellents are currently being used by hundreds of children in the area. Between the pleasant fragrance and the effectiveness of the blend, I am thrilled to have so many children staying out of the sick bed and enjoying their lives.

Seniors, Infants, and Pregnant Women
Probably the three segments of our population that require the greatest amount of care are our seniors, infants, and pregnant women. Their fragile immune systems and skeletal structures demand special attention and care. Aromatherapy offers the perfect solution for these groups. With over 400 therapeutic essential oils to choose from, we can respond to just about any unique problem these people encounter. For our seniors, the arthritis pain relief, insomnia, depression, exhaustion, and extra dry skin blends have proven very popular and beneficial. For our infants, the diaper rash, infant sleeplessness, and baby cleanser lend a fresh start to their new lives. And for our special mothers-to-be, who have to be especially careful with what they put into their bodies, we have an array of products formulated to be safe enough to use even during this significant time in their lives. To help with fatigue, post-natal blues, stretch marks, and more, we have blends that are safe and effective. We even formulated a housecleaning blend with pregnant-safe essential oils.

What are you waiting for?
Aromatherapy has been practiced since the beginning of time. With over 180 references to essential oils in the Bible, this healing practice has been used by every culture and civilization. With thousands of practitioners in every country, and with endorsements from the medical and scientific community, essential oils should be a part of your everyday life. And if you want more proof, simply ask a neighbor. In all likelihood they have had success with aromatherapy and so can you!

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