Did you know that you can safely and effectively restore your health with therapeutic blends made from essential oils? In fact, you can use different blends around the house, on children, to keep you and your family healthy and to provide relief for everything from congestion and sunburn to arthritis, stretch marks and insomnia. Read on to find the many different ways aromatherapy can improve your physical and emotional health.

“I own a residential house cleaning service. Your house cleaning blend keeps my customers very happy and they are even willing to pay more when I use your natural products, and that makes me happy!”
– L.M., Ohio

Family Health

Using essential oils will improve your environment which can help keep harmful germs away. Essential oils increase the oxygen in your home, increase negative ions and can offer a frequency level to ensure that your house is healthy. Try these blends and see the difference for yourself:

House Cleaner
Extra Dry Skin
Bugs Away Insect Repellent
Germ-Free Spray
Peppermint Foot Treatment
Sunburn Soother

Cold/Sinus/Allergy Relief

Congestion, coughing, body aches, sinus headaches, seasonal allergies and colds are all part of life. With a similar chemical composition to many of the popular over-the-counter and prescription medications (but in natural form, minus the additives), these essential oil blends can not only help deal with the symptoms, but in many cases they may help you avoid them. Blends available include:

Adult Sinus Relief
Germ-Free Spray
Child Sinus Relief
Colds/Respiratory Congestion

Skin Care

Our quest for the fountain of youth is the foundation of several multi-billion dollar companies. Unfortunately, many of these products contain ingredients that are not in the best interest of your skin. Essential oil therapy is particularly effective because the all-natural ingredients used encourage your skin to stay healthy and radiant. You have an option, so make sure you’re using products that encourage and support healthy skin, like the following:

30-Something Face Moisturizer
I’ll Never Tell Face Moisturizer
Shaving Soother
39-Forever Face Moisturizer
Teens and 20s Face Moisturizer
Beard Booster

“As a professional ice skater I needed to be able to lift my partner with confidence. Carpal tunnel was definitely affecting how I worked. Your blend saved my career.”
T.L., California

Pain Relief

For your body to be able to heal itself, you have to treat the pain and offer support to the muscles. Essential oils activate the “pharmacy” within our brains: the neuro-chemicals. These neuro-chemicals (serotonin, endorphins, etc.) are the signals our brain uses to communicate with our nervous and other body systems. Pain relief and other physical effects are also experienced when these neuro-chemicals are released, the principal behind the following blends:

Arthritis Pain Relief
Jock Itch
Muscle Pain Relief
Tendonitis Relief
Athlete’s Foot
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain (Pain in the Neck)
TMJ Pain Relief
Peppermint Foot Treatment

“Whenever I have to make a presentation, I don’t worry anymore. I use the Insomnia spray in the evening to get a good night’s sleep and the Stress Relief spray and I feel comfortable and confident. Thank you for these wonderful products.”
J.C., New Mexico

Emotional Health

Our mind can play an important positive role in our well being, but it can also play a disruptive role. We live in times of much emotional and mental stress. These stressors can range from work pressures and financial worries to relationship problems, grief and trauma. Studies have shown that extreme stress can decrease the function of our immune system, while our mental health can be adversely affected as well. Fortunately, there are essential oil blends that can calm and soothe, like the following:

Calming Blend
Energizing Blend
Stress Relief


Menopause causes significant changes in your body. Fear of frigidity, side effects from hormone replacement therapy, reduced femininity and loss of bone mass are just some of the issues women face during this time. Essential oil therapy is particularly effective during menopause because it works well in conjunction with the other medicinal, vitamin and diet programs. In addition to the strong and effective chemical properties, essential oils also contain natural hormones. That means you can be confident that essential oils will relieve some of your menopausal conditions without interfering with other health care strategies. Options include:

Breast Toner and Enhancer
Day/Night Sweats
Water Retention/Bloating
Swollen Ankles and Feet


There are more than 400 therapeutic essential oils; however, the list of oils that you can use when you are pregnant or breast-feeding is very limited. Some oils are contra-indicated only in the first trimester, while others should be avoided during this entire time. Having said that, there are several blends that can assist you during this exciting time of your life, providing relief from the following:

Day/Night Sweats
Pregnant and Tired
Swollen Ankles and Feet
Hot Flashes
Stretch Marks
Water Retention/Bloating

Especially for Men

Holistic medicine is that which treats the patient as a whole, a unified entity – this means treating both the physical body and the emotional and spiritual body. Aromatherapy blends nurture body, mind and spirit, providing healing chemicals, inspiration and support for your body to heal. Blends which men may find particularly helpful include:

Muscle Pain Relief
Jock Itch
Shaving Soother
Peppermint Foot Treatment
Athlete’s Foot
Beard Booster

“Because of the Child Sinus Blend and Vaporizer Blends, my child no longer suffers from the seasonal allergy symptoms of sneezing, coughing, losing sleep, and missing school. And, by the way, I don’t have to take time off from work for doctor’s appointments. Thank you.”
– R. B., Tennessee

Infants and Children

Infants and children are particularly receptive to the benefits of essential oils. Whether it is because their young bodies are more pure and basic or because they have not lived with the ailments for an extended period of time, I do know that children respond quickly to the therapeutic value of essential oils.

Don’t count the number of hours that you spend at the doctor’s office or pharmacy because of colds, respiratory problems, cuts and scrapes, ear aches, sleeplessness or tummy aches. Now you don’t have to leave your house because you can be armed and ready with essential oils for all of these common childhood ailments. Then once they hit the teen years, kids face menstrual cycles, acne and that emotional roller coaster known as puberty.

Now, maybe more than ever, you want to offer your children safe, effective, natural solutions for relief from the following:

Child Sinus Relief
Cradle Cap
Diaper Rash
Infant and Toddler Colds
Childhood Sleeplessness
Cuts and Scrapes
Ear Ache
Infant Sleeplessness

“Prescribed” Ailments

Having been involved in aromatherapy research for more than twenty years, I can offer safe and effective products to meet your unique needs. Therefore, if you don’t see something on my product list, don’t think I can’t help.

Email me your request and rest assured that I will be candid with you about my experiences in your area of concern.

If I need a medical profile from you before I formulate your blend, I will be happy to send you a questionnaire of the information I need.

I have had success in treating ailments such as:

Chemotherapy Support
Crow’s Feet
Emotional Trauma
Facial Cleansers
Genital Infections
Hair Loss
High Blood Pressure
Menstrual Cramping
Neck Puffiness
Painful Periods
Radiation Support
Restless Leg Syndrome
Facial Toners
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
High Cholesterol
Loss of Periods
Morning Sickness
Prostrate Health
Yeast Infections

Pet Care

I have also successfully treated horses and dogs for a variety of ailments from hot spots, ear mange, arthritis, pain relief due to injury, and other issues. Email me for more info on your pet treatment.