A certified aromatherapist, Judith Fitzsimmons has been working in the aromatherapy field for more than 20 years. She has conducted educational programs about essential oils and aromatherapy at the local, regional, and national levels and is the co-author of the internationally-acclaimed book “Seasons of Aromatherapy” its paperback counterpart, “Aromatherapy Through the Seasons” as well as the recently published “Aromatherapy Answers.”

Her journey began as a personal one. After using aromatherapy herself and noticing its positive impact on her health and the health of her family, she felt compelled to share that knowledge with others, pursuing multiple certifications and starting her own business. But she knew that her products would have to be not only effective but cost-efficient as well. That’s how this website came into being, and we continue that commitment to offering the best in research, formulation, blending, and services at affordable prices so you and your family can experience true health.