Looking at Lavender

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In an effort to educate people about the benefits of using essential oils in their daily lives, I want to delve into some of the essential oils in more detail. Once you see the wonderful healing properties these products have, I am confident that you will start to rely on them as powerful, effective, therapeutic solutions to your health and beauty needs.

About Lavender
One of the most gentle and versatile essential oils, Lavender can have a positive influence on your mental, emotional, physical, and metaphysical state. This oil brings clarity, peace of mind, and emotional balance. Frequently used successfully to treat insomnia, depression, impatience, stress, and worry, Lavender is one of those essential oils that brings out the best healing properties in other essential oils it is blended with.

Lavendula Officinalis, it’s Latin name, Lavender is grown and harvested throughout the world, with a predominant presence in France. Lavender comes from the beautiful bluish-purple flowers of the Lavender plant. The fragrance of the oil is fresh and sharp with a hint of rain-washed trees. Its scent is more sporty than flowery. The essential oil is extracted from the freshly-cut flowering tops of the plant harvested during the months of July and August. The harvesting is done during the hottest time of the day, because that is when the essential oil content of the plant is at its highest concentration.

You Know Lavender
Even if you have never purchased an essential oil, you have been in contact with Lavender oil. Frequently used in the perfume business, Lavender is also used in a wide array of skin and hair care products sold internationally. It is also used as flavoring in chewing gum, candy, and beverages.

Lavender is probably the first essential oil that you would consider purchasing because it smells nice, has many healing properties, and is exceptionally safe to use. As with all chemicals, whether synthetic or natural (as in the case of essential oils), you can expect some contra-indications or warnings. You may be guided to steer away from some chemicals if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, to avoid an interaction with other chemicals, or if you are on either end of the age spectrum. The wonderful thing about the chemical properties in Lavender is that there are no contra-indications; everyone can use the oil with confidence and success.

Note: As with any essential oil, do not use Lavender oil undiluted unless otherwise directed by a certified aromatherapist. You can dilute Lavender oil in lotion, cream, oil, water, and other base ingredients.

What Can Lavender Treat?
For Women: Lavender helps regulate the menstrual cycle and ease PMS. Lavender also purifies the environment of birthing rooms, helps reduce labor pins, and calms the mother during childbirth.

For Men: Lavender regenerates skin cells so it is outstanding for burns and wounds, to help prevent scarring, infections, poison oak and ivy, athletes foot, and muscular pain.

For Children: Lavender has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so it is great for cuts, scrapes, bruises that so often occur during childhood.

For Everyone: Lavender is used to treat respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, colds, flue, coughs, and sore throats. Strengthens the immune system and speeds all healing processes, especially when used in bath and massage.

For the Home: At a strength of 4.5%, lavender oil destroys typhoid bacteria and at 5% it destroys diptheria bacteria. This makes it a great cleaner and deodorizer for the home.

Start With Lavender
Lavender is so effective in treating many different ailments, and it is also great to use when making gifts. It is extremely safe to use for people of all ages and can be used to replace products you use on a daily basis, such as antiseptic ointments, cleaning products, pain relievers, and more. This is a great oil to start you on the path to using essential oils.

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