Aromatherapy for Lovers

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I knew I would get your attention with this title and I’m glad that I did. In the other articles, I have provided you with extensive information about aromatherapy. I have tried to educate you on the chemical properties, the therapeutic nature, and the healing aspects of essential oils. I have offered aromatherapy blends for many physical, emotional, and mental ailments. I have made suggestions for people ranging in age from infants to seniors, specifically for men or women, and even for pets. I have told you how to use essential oils inside, outside, and all through the house. I have given you blends that you massage on, bathe in, inhale, and more. But this time we are going to have some romantic fun, so enjoy!

I often get customers who ask me to make custom blends for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, and Christmas. When the customer wants to make a blend that will “spice up their life” we often run into a problem. Why? It’s because what one person finds tantalizing another person may find overwhelming or downright unpleasant. So what can you do? Experiment.

You might be surprised to learn which oils have aphrodisiac properties, but here is a brief list: Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Neroli, Clary Sage, Ginger, Nutmeg, Rose, Sandalwood, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli.

Keep in mind that all of these essential oils have other properties as well, so in addition to wanting an aphrodisiac, you might want to think of what other benefits you want to achieve. For example, if you want to relax as well, you would use Clary Sage or Ylang Ylang. If you wanted a more significant spiritual connection, you would use Sandalwood.

Choosing the Right Blend
Start with the list of essential oils I provided and try to narrow it down a bit by also factoring in the other benefits you want to achieve. Another way to narrow down the list is by price. Some oils, such as Rose are so expensive that I can only carry a tiny amount, while other oils such as Nutmeg and Ginger are really quite inexpensive.

Now that you have narrowed down your list, it is time for the smell test. I know that I have been preaching at your for over three years to get you to understand that aromatherapy has very little to do with smell, and that is true. However, when it comes to finding a blend that is going to make your partner swoon, you better make sure the she/he likes the smell of it!

I usually line up each bottle of essential oil. I cover the labels and have the customer smell each bottle individually. Often, the customer will narrow down the list to about 2 – 4 essential oils. I then put about 2 drops of each essential oil into a small glass and let them smell the synergistic result of the oils. From there, we usually modify the blend by adding a few more drops of one or more oil until they find something that “lights their fire”. I tell the customer to let the blend sit overnight because the smell will change slightly as the oils intermingle.

Remember that you can always add more oils to the blend, but you cannot remove them, so start with just a few drops of each. Also, write down the blend as you are working with it so you can remember the exact combination of oils that works for you.

Enjoying the Results
There are several ways for you to enjoy your blend, either alone or with someone special. Here are just a few:

Bath – 15 drops of the blend into a warm bath.

Massage – up to 30 drops into 4 ounces of lotion or plain oil (such as canola, sweet almond, or even vegetable).

Room Spray – up to 15 drops into 4 ounces of water. Spritz your body and enjoy the relaxing benefits of these oils.

Candles – buy a small inexpensive candle that has no scent. Burn the candle until a small puddle of wax appears around the wick. Put about 3 drops of the essential oil blend directly into the wax puddle.

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